One of a kind Collection

The One of a Kind Collection - where every jewelry is entirely unique and there's only one sample of each design existing worldwide. All One of a Kind jewelry are ready to ship within a week.

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All rings are handmade using recycled 925 sterling silver, and crafted with a Scandinavian aesthetic that combines clean lines and bold shapes. Each ring is a testament to our commitment to quality,

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A symbol of treause

Noss takes its name from the Norse mythology figure Hnoss, who was associated with beauty and adornmen. Like Hnoss, I believe that jewelry should be a symbol of treasure, but also of strength and resilience. Using recycled 925 sterling silver, I combine soft lines with the hard material to create pieces that are both elegant and strong, delicate and bold.

One of a Kind Collection

Where every jewelry is entirely unique. There's only one sample of each design existing worldwide. All One of A Kind jewelry are ready to ship within a week.

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All necklaces are thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Stockholm using recycled 925 sterling silver.

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  • Handcrafted in small scale

    I handcraft each jewelry by hand using a technique called "lost wax casting." It begins with crafting a wax design that is later turned into a mold. The metal is then heated until it becomes a hot liquid and poured into the mold. This results in a rough form of the jewelry, which I then refine and polish to a high shine.

  • Stockholm produced

    I design and craft all jewelry in my small home studio in Stockholm. I also work with a local jewelry workshop in Sweden for casting. By collaborating with local artisans I can reduce my impact on the environment and make sure everyone involved is paid fairly and works responsibly during production.

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver

    Noss jewelry is crafted using recycled 925 sterling silver. New silver mining carries environmental implications, so whenever possible, I use recycled silver sourced from pre-owned jewelry. This way, I can create new pieces while also contributing to a more sustainable jewelry industry.

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About noss

How it all started

Hi! I'm Alice, the maker behind each handcrafted piece at Noss. The pandemic led me to discover the art of silversmithing. I began by taking online classes and studying the works of other artists, teaching myself the basics of metalworking and silversmithing. Through trial and error, I was able to set up my own small silver studio in Stockholm, also known as a corner in my apartment, where I now create all Noss pieces by hand.

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